to the website of the Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics e.V. at the Rostock University (IAP). The Institute has been founded in 1992 and is member of the research association 'Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (WGL)'. The institute is located near the Baltic Sea resort Kühlungsborn and owns a separate site on the island Rügen, close to Juliusruh. In addition IAP is a major partner of the ALOMAR observatory in northern Norway. As associated institute of the Rostock University it is part of the teaching programme in physics. A total of about 90 persons is employed at IAP. The institute realizes an equal-opportunity and family-friendly human resource policy and is certified with the audit "berufundfamilie" ('career and family').

The Leibniz-Institute is one of the German main centers for Middle Atmosphere research and operates active cooperations with several international research organizations. The most important scientific topics at IAP are

  • exploration of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere
  • coupling of atmospheric layers
  • long-term changes in the middle atmosphere

The aims of the IAP are described in the Scientific Framework Program.


Day of the open door

(19 October 2019) Day of the open door at the IAP from 1 pm to 5 pm ... more


VAHCOLI lab inauguration

(28 Sep 2019) Next etap for the development of mobile lidar systems. In presence of the landes minister of education, science and culture, Bettina Martin, ... more


Highlights of Physics

(23 Sep 2019) The IAP presents. Under the slogan "Show up! To visualize the unvisible"... more


Meeting of Section D

(06 Sep 2019) Directors of Leibniz Institute convene at IAP. This year the meeting was combined with a local visit... more


Fifth MS-GWaves Workshop

(30 Mar 2019) Gravity wave experts met at IAP. Three days of intensive work for the 53 scientists... more


MMS Days 2019

(23 Mar 2019) Leibniz Network on Mathematical Modeling and Statistics meets at IAP. For the study of their topics... more


Small Scales in Focus

(20 Nov 2018) Coordinated turbulence measurements with the University of Colorado. Turbulent fluctuations of wind and density... more


SIMONe performed perfect

(15 Nov 2018) New technology monitored 500 x 500 km mesospheric dynamics over 7 days. This campaign is the first large scale deployment... more


Second FISAPS Workshop

(09 Nov 2018) Topical questions of atmospheric turbulence discussed. When an airplane is suddenly shaken... more