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Investigation of the influence of charged aerosol particles on the scattering of radar waves using EISCAT.

Principial investigator:

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Markus Rapp
für Atmosphärenphysik
Schlossstr. 6
18225 Kühlungsborn

Co investigator:



We shall perform measurements with the European Incoherent Scatter Radars (EISCAT) to study the physics of charged aerosol particles in the mesopause region (80-90 km). In particular, multiple frequency observations of polar mesosphere summer echoes (PMSE) that are known to be connected to charged ice particles shall be performed to study the scale size dependence of these unusually strong radar echoes and unravel their relation to mesospheric neutral air turbulence and the ionospheric plasma. More to that, high resolution measurements of the Doppler spectra of PMSE with the very narrow-beam EISCAT VHF radars in Tromso and Svalbard shall be used to derive turbulent parameters like the turbulent energy dissipation rate and study the fine structure and the time dependence of mesospheric neutral air turbulence. Finally, high resolution measurements of incoherent scatter spectra shall be performed to clarify if and how charged meteroric dust particles change the spectral characteristics of incoherent scatter radar echoes from the 80-90 km altitude range.