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Satellite and model studies of galactic cosmic rays and clouds modulated by solar activity.

Principial investigator:

Dr. Cornelius Schiller
Forschungszentrum Jülich
ICG-I: Stratosphäre
52425 Jülich

Co investigator:


The objective of the proposed project is to investigate the impact of solar activity modulated galactic cosmic rays (GCR) on clouds, which are a key parameter of the Earth's weather and climate system. The current knowledge about the GCR-cloud link is controversial. In the first period of this project, we propose to focus on satellite observations of cirrus clouds, both in the long-term data record of the SAGE-2 satellite experiment as well as for episodes of solar proton events and the subsequent Forbush decrease using data of the MIPAS instrument onboard ENVISA T. The satellite data have to be analysed for cloud and aerosol data to derive climatologies, and the superimposed variability by other processes have to be eliminated.We will develop appropriate nucleation parameterisations to be implemented in a chemical transport model for theoretical studies of the GCR-cloud link.