to the website of the Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics e.V. at the University Rostock (IAP). The Institute has been founded in 1992 and is member of the research association 'Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (WGL)'. The institute is located near the Baltic Sea resort Kühlungsborn and owns a separate site on the island Rügen, close to Juliusruh. In addition IAP is a major partner of the ALOMAR observatory in northern Norway. As associated institute of the University Rostock it is part of the teaching programme in physics. A total of about 90 persons is employed at IAP. The institute realizes an equal-opportunity and family-friendly human resource policy and is certified with the audit "berufundfamilie" ('career and family').

The Leibniz-Institute is one of the German main centers for Middle Atmosphere research and operates active cooperations with several international research organizations. The most important scientific topics at IAP are

  • exploration of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere
  • coupling of atmospheric layers
  • long-term changes in the middle atmosphere

The aims of the IAP are described in the Scientific Framework Program.

Institute Colloquium

(19 Jan 2017 10:15) Dr. Carsten Baumann (DLR) Influences of meteoric aerosol particles on the lower ionosphere more

ILWAO Block Seminar

(20 Jan 2017 14:00) Talks by Jens Söder (IAP), Prof. Sven Grundmann (LSM) and Dr. Peter Holtermann (IOW) more

Open House

The IAP opens its doors to the public at Saturday, 28 January 2017 more

Excellent evaluation of the IAP

(28 March 2016) Statement of the Leibniz Senate. Every seven years the Leibniz Institutions are evaluated... more

Kids University Rostock

(22 December 2016) "Why do the clouds do not fall from sky?" An unusual topic for an unusual auditory... more

Leibniz Celebration

(14 December 2016) The Leibniz Institutes of Mecklenburg/ Westpommerania invited for theater and discussion into the Bühne 602. Occasionally the 370th birthday and the 300th deathday of the universal genius Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz... more

Cooperation with Uni Greifswald

(14 November 2016) Study of long-term evolution of stratospheric aerosols with lidar instruments and satellites. The first joint research project... more

Spontaneous Imbalance

(14 October 2016) Workshop with scientists from Germany and Switzerland. One process, leading to gravity waves in the middle atmosphere, ... more

9th Trends workshop

(23 September 2016) Prestigious workshop took place in Germany for the first time. 104 scientists and students from 16 countries... more

Space Weather Summer Camp

(12 July 2016) 24 students from America, Africa and Europe make stop at IAP. On the traces of rocket development history... more

New Collaborative Research Centre

(30 June 2016) Turbulences with impact: Leibniz researchers contribute to basic climate research. The IOW and the IAP... more

Rostock's Eleven @ IAP

(09 June 2016) Competition Science & Comunication - this time at IAP. In brief talks eleven students from the Rostock Region present their research... more

Multistatic Meteor Radar Workshop

(02 June 2016) Imaging the wind with meteor radars – new technical developments and scientific questions... more

Second ROMIC status seminar

(04 May 2016) Climate signals in the middle atmosphere - experts on the state of the art. What can we learn from recent satellite observations... more

LITOS in Scandinavia

(03 February 2016) Joint observational campaign for multi-scale analysis completed. "The LITOS campaign was a full success", ... more